Thank you for choosing North Star SEO for your business Search Engine Optimization needs.

We would love to assist everyone that have requested our expertise, however, we can’t service everybody, so we choose who we work with based on an evaluation of criteria that needs to be met before we start the process of making them No. 1 wherever they want to be No. 1, regardless of the difficulty and competition. We choose to work with a limited number of clients at any time to ensure full attention is given to every one of them, for their complete satisfaction.

We assist clients who have:

  1. An active and stable business already.

Our SEO services are for companies that are already up and running and have the desire to make a quantum leap with their results.

We do not work with:

  • Adult Related Content or Material
  • Start-ups (there have been a few exceptions)
  • Get Rich Quick Schemes
  1. A solid service or product as well as a good reputation. Our services will enable you to increase your exposure, get new clients, retain the existing client and get better results.
  2. An existing flow of leads and customers. A company that is already selling its product or services, promoting advertising or running ads. We work with companies that are present in their markets.

If your company meets the criteria above, please fill out the discovery form below, to help us gather as much information about your company. Please take your time and treat filling this form, as you would treat filling a form for your physician. We need the data as accurate as possible so we can diagnose any problems that may appear and find the best solutions, specific to your needs. We will review your needs, analyze your online environment and examine your competition. Based on our review, using our cutting edge knowledge and tools will make a plan, tailor-made for your business needs, to lead you to success like we did with all our clients.