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If you’ve reached this page, you probably sell products on Amazon. Selling on Amazon can get tricky sometimes, and you have to overcome some obstacles in order to rank and sale, but no obstacle has been more frustrating than dealing with negative reviews. When a customer leaves a negative review it can happen from different reasons (assuming your product is of high quality): Defected product, torn packaging, late shipment, etc. It can also be a competitor playing dirty trying to knock you off your higher position. Until today, all you could do is reply to the review hoping that the reviewer will contact you back. Amazon has deliberately prevented sellers from contacting those reviewers, trying to reconcile bad buyer experience that could have been caused due to an honest mistake or a temporary glitch in the production that caused one defected product out of thousand that was manufactured perfectly. All that was true, but not anymore. Now we can help you remove those poisonous reviews, and get you your star ranking back to where it was, which will, in turn, get your higher CTR and increase conversions. We have seen cases where buyers weren’t even aware of the fact that they could contact the seller, and ask for help/replacement/refund, so they went the only way they knew: leaving a bad review. We have seen cases that only by contacting the client and clarifying the situation they were willing to remove or update their review. So, if you want to get rid of those nagging negative reviews, please fill out the form below, and we will get back with you shortly.

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