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The importance of local SEO in Rockville MD

Discovery :
SEO and digital marketing are all about discovery. One fundamental rule is that your website is useless if potential customers cannot find you in their time of need. This means that when they are doing a Google search for your industry, the type of products and service they need—They must be able to quickly see your website in the top of the suggested list. If they don’t see you, if they don’t get this instant discovery, then that customer goes to someone else. Use the right Rockville SEO company so that you never have this issue again.

A Tale from The Past:
The past is full of useful stories; this one is about the good old Real Yellow Pages. Back before the internet took control, way back before Google became the go-to place to search for businesses, everyone looked in the Yellow Pages. Companies who wanted to get noticed, who wanted more customers would buy a larger ad than all the companies around them. The first tire of an ad was just among the other companies, bigger and with larger black block style letters of their logo. Companies who wanted to make an even bigger impression bought color image ads, making them far more noticeable. Those companies who invested in themselves bought entire color page ads; these companies got the best results from their efforts. Doing SEO with the help of a digital agency in Rockville is just like this. You have to stand out from the rest, but this means you have to be at the top of search results

Today’s Centerpiece of Information
Today’s centerpiece of information seeking is Google. We go to Google throughout the day; it tells us everything. It entertains us, it gives us infotainment, and it tells us who to choose. If you are a business in Rockville MD, you must dominate the search result of Google, or you are in trouble. With all eyes on Google, you must have very high placement in their result, or you are doomed to miss out on customers.

Skill & Art
It takes both skill and art to know how to rank well in Google search results. Of course, it takes typical technical nerd squad skills, but it also takes people skills, marketing skills, an understanding of what keeps people on a website, how do you build trust and rapport. The purpose of using a top digital agency for SEO is to work with a company who has all of the above skills.

Goal 1: In Their Face
The first goal of North Star SEO is to put your company in front of as many faces as possible. You have to rank high for keywords that will drive potential customers to your business. You have to outrank other local businesses in Rockville. SEO is war, there are many battles, and those who work with a great digital agency will outrank other Rockville companies who do not have this level of help.

Goal 2: Trust & Rapport
Goal number two is to build deep trust and rapport with the people who visit your site. Do you remember when we said, “SEO is both art and science” this is where that plays out. Companies who have great websites, who get the most out of their SEO efforts are companies who focus on creating great content. What is great content? Great content is the type that is highly engaging; it is valuable, it is often bookmarked and share with other people, it is the type of information that has depth. The quality of your content will help viewers trust and understand who you are as a company. It is your first interface with them, it is the thing that makes them call or send you a message, so it has to be great. North Star SEO will help you build the quality content that you need to be the go-to company in your industry and your city.

Goal 3: Everyone’s Answer-man
When your foundation is built on high-quality content, you build a ton of trust and rapport. You slowly morph into the go-to website where everyone looks for information. Not only will would-be customer seek out your site, but even other companies all across the country, you might find yourself being linked to by bloggers and all different types of companies, creating what we in the industry call ‘natural back-links’. Back-links are quite important in the SEO world, the more quality ones you have, the higher Google ranks you, and the more Google will send people to your site.

What’s Next?
Give us a call . We are ready to talk about what all we can do for your company. We can go over our strategy, our credentials, proof of concept, and how we can take you to the next level.